Selasa, 04 Maret 2014

A beautiful vintage inspired Australian home + give-away winner

Remember this ethereal bedroom with ensuite I showed last Sunday? Well this morning I was really excited to discover the rest of the home. Vintage House Daylesford is a former 1860's miners cottage which has been lovingly restored to highlight the original features of the space and decorated to perfection with the help of the oh so talented Kali Cavanagh. And the good news? It's available to rent!

Interior : Kali Cavanagh,  Vintage House Daylesford via Desire to inspire and 79 ideas
The ethereal style is not far off Australia based Kara Rosenlund's home (also featured here) and this lovely vintage inspired guest house, don't you think? If ever there's an excuse to go down under.....

And now time for the announcement of the Urban Trait Watch give-away! Congratulations to Laura Whitehorn of beatles_song! We'll send you a message. The good news is that even if this isn't you, everyone gets 10 USD off with the code SCANDI up until March 14th!  Thank you so much for entering.

Have a lovely day!

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