Rabu, 24 November 2010

Do you love your laundry room?

Laundry is not my favourite activity so I think it is important to make it as enjoyable as possible. For me that means an inviting environment and there's nothing cleaner, crisper and more inviting than a blue gray colour scheme with white trim. Benjamin Moore's Gray Wisp is my answer.

The fact that I can dream up designs and my husband can produce them makes it very convenient and cost effective when it comes time to renovate.

Functionality and storage is a must . Under the counter is a recycling center, one bin each for paper, plastics and glass. Above the washer and dryer is storage for cloth napkins, and light bulbs. Of course, art is a must to set the tone for every room. Some people think it's insulting to hang "good art" in functional rooms. Not me. I spend a lot of time in this room and you can view it from my hall because there isn't a door. It has to be clean and inviting and art invites .
Across from the washer and dryer is my broom closet, gift wrapping center in the drawers and upper storage for cleaning products. To the left of the broom closet is storage for the vacuum cleaner and a place to hang at least five pieces of clothing to dry.

A tiny powder room is directly across from the recycling center. It continues the theme set in the laundry room. The glass mosaic tiles are iridescent and my big splurge for the renovation.

This mirror began life with a stenciled wooden frame. It was updated by covering it with a handmade paper and then adding four coats of Liquitex acrylic gloss medium and varnish.

And of course you need something to look at when nature calls! I created this landscape collage with various papers and acrylic medium to remind me of my summer house when I wasn't there.

....And that is my laundry room and it makes laundry enjoyable.

Kamis, 18 November 2010

Something new

Welcome to my new blog. If you already know me as a visual artist I'm changing hats to highlight my second career in interior design. If you want:
  • to know what's current in the world of home decor
  • to spruce up your existing decorating scheme on a budget
  • to take sneak peeks into different homes
  • to engage in interesting discussions about home decor
stay tuned.
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