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Benjamin Moore colour of the year

My favourite paint brand is Benjamin Moore and I follow their colour forecasting closely.  As a professional  I need to know what's current in the industry so I can discuss colour  intelligently and also have a sense of where the industry is headed.  Colour forecasting  also affects fabric design, accessories and furniture.  

 . This year Benjamin Moore's colour  of the year is ....

   Tobi Farley

This is not a new colour,  but a refocusing from the current collection based on the opinions of groups of designers in the industry. I've always been attracted to greeny blues because they remind me of the ocean on a summer's day.  They are restful and inviting.  If you like a serene environment this is the colour for you.

  This chest of drawers is an all time favourite of mine.  It is washed with a colour similar to wythe blue.  Hubby may be building a knock off version for night tables for my bedroom reno. Too many ideas....

I spied this vanity last year and fell in love with its lines and colour.  Don't you agree that colours similar to whyte blue are excellent choices if you want to paint a piece of furniture? This would also be an excellent colour choice for a bathroom.

 This is a daring mix but this orange is certainly a winning combination with wythe blue. Complementary colours are always so invigorating.

 Hawthorne Threads

A similar colour combination to the one above but this time in a fabric. This lively print has so many possibilities.  It would be fantastic stretched over a frame and hung on your wall or made into pillows.  

Color Chats

These would also make good combinations with wythe blue. French press and deep ochre show that wythe blue would look good with wood tones.  Of course gray is always an option for every colour as is white.

 This vignette is a calm as the fabric above is energetic.  It  gives you an idea of how lovely wythe blue would look with soft white or cream....

or  with yellow.


Painted cabinets are all the rage now and what better colour to use? While this is darker than wythe blue you get the idea.

If you like a  country look or have a country house, there's no better colour to choose .

I'm getting carried away with the bits and pieces rather than whole rooms.  But that's really my message.  If you don't want to paint a whole room wythe blue you have lots of options to use is as an accent.

 And here are the colours in  the Earth and Sky palette.  Do you have a favourite combination?

Doesn't this lovely quilt I saw on etsy sum it all up?  Stay tuned for several posts on colour for 2012.

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