Rabu, 30 April 2014

A Gothenburg home in monochrome and brass /copper

Morning! I've been umming and ahhing about whether or not to feature this home as it's been published across the blogosphere at an alarming rate. But then I thought, what happens if you miss it?!! Everyone needs to see this home with it's black, white, brass and copper colour scheme and everything else on trend in the Scandinavian interior design world right now. So here it is, a monochrome Gothenburg pad in all it's glory, up for grabs through Stadshem. Who's on the case?!

Stadshem via La Maison D'Anna G

What do you love most about this home?

If you're into the copper trend here are a few other spaces you might feel inspired by: a minimalist apartment in Berlin, inspiration from Bloomingville and the beautiful apartment of a Swedish designer. I do love a touch of copper right now.

Tonight I'm very sad to be missing the launch party for new book Design Bloggers At Home. Luckily my lovely parents will be attending on my behalf - and I've asked them to saya big hello to the author Ellie Tennant, photographer Rachel Whiting, publishers Ryland, Peters & Small and all the talented bloggers who also appeared in the book! I hope you have a great night, sorry to be missing it.

Have a lovely day and see you tomorrow!

Selasa, 29 April 2014

A stunning Italian loft

I'm so over excited about today's home tour: an incredible Italian loft created by architects Amorfo. It's a little like a museum - every piece has been carefully selected for it's aesthetics whether mid-century, industrial or designer - and exhibited against a backdrop of concrete / white walls and floors and angled ceilings. Modern day architecture and minimalism at it's best! I would add soft textiles such as colourful rugs, throws and cushions to make it my home. How about you?

Amorfo via April and May

Is this your kind of style? Anything that stands out to you in particular? I love the huge glass door which opens the entire space out onto the terrace!

You can see more pictures of this space here if you'd like. 

I spy: the Flos 265 wall light, the Vitra Wire Chair DKR-5 is similar and one of my favoruite outdoor pieces - the Butterfly chair. Beautiful mid-century pieces like this teak side-table at LiveAuctioneers.

Have a lovely day!

Senin, 28 April 2014

A light and airy white and grey Swedish apartment

Hello Monday! How was your weekend? I thought I'd kick off the week with something light, bright and airy. A classic white and grey Swedish apartment with light wood floors and white walls owned and styled by Hanna Malmberg. I could kick around here this lovely sunny Monday morning, how about you?

Styled by Hanna MalmbergStadshem via Coco Lapine Design

So beautifully styled by Stadshem for the sale don't you think?

I am seeing the Muuto Dots Hanger everywhere right now. Here, they've used the small and medium natural oak version to add interest to a wall in the bedroom.

I love the white floor in the kitchen (practical though?). I was in my neighbour's home over the weekend (it's like something out of Birds of a Feather in my neighbourhood!) and noticed she'd painted her wood floor white over Easter. The floor was a tightly joined smooth oak finish before so I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out - but it looks incredible! I'm wondering if I should paint my bedroom floor white now, what do you think?

Other beautiful white and grey spaces include the home of By Nord owners, the fantastic home of a creative Finnish duo and a wonderful Danish home.

Have a lovely day!

Jumat, 25 April 2014

Fabulous spaces by Johanna Pilfalk

Today I wanted to share some of the recent work one of my favourite Swedish interior stylists - Johanna Pilfalk. I absolutely love her style (see more of her projects here) and of course how she always works with fabulous spaces. The first three shots are from the same dining space (what a room?!) which featured on the recent front cover of Plaza Interiör. Undeniably delicious and a perfect way to end the week don't you think?!

All interior styling by Johanna Pilfack (shared with kind permission). Pictures 1, 2 and 3: Photography: Sara Landstedt for Plaza Interiör 5. Photography: Sara Landstedt for Aspen Bad

Anything you love in particular about these spaces?

There are just so many pieces in each image. I spy the Thonet 209 chairs (15% discount with 
code MYSCAN), Loft Zig Zag floor lamp, Muuto dot hanger, and Tom Dixon etch tea light holder

Interior stylists naturally nearly always have fantastic homes. Some of my favourite home tours include the Stockholm apartment of Sasa Antic and the eclectic Borås home of Johanna Flyckt Gashi. I could move in to either of them tomorrow, how about you?!

I hope you have some great plans for the weekend? It's going to be hot, hot, hot here in Southern Sweden. Actually that's an exaggeration, it's going to be 15 degrees. But hey, I'll be out enjoying it like it's the height of summer!  

Have a wonderful weekend and see you Monday! 

Kamis, 24 April 2014

Simple window treatments for basement windows

Basement windows are often a  challenge to decorate because they are usually small,  spaced, and high on the wall - a recipe for  decorating disaster.   This post provides solutions for these problem windows based on the premise that  simple is best.  Keeping things light and airy will not draw attention to the negatives of  small size and awkward placement.  All links  to these spaces can be found on my Pinterest board .

shutters window treatments basement windows valance
Shutters and  valances  work when windows are a little larger

This space would work equally well without the valances if you like a less layered look. Keeping everything light also detracts from the high placement as you can see in this space and the one below.

blinds basement windows coverings
White blinds on a white wall
One of my favourite looks for a basement space is to keep everything light and add  darks in art or accessories. White faux wood blinds are very functional because they let light in and provide some privacy in the daytime.  In this room the floor acts as a great foil for all the lightness and the hits of dark in art and furniture break up the space.

shutters basement window treatments simple
Simple  light shutters add light and privacy 

Nothing works better than functional shutters in a basement. They are sleek and unobtrusive and look tidy.  

etched glass simple basement window treatments
Etched glass or window film

What about  adding something directly to the glass?  Etching  glass is so simple these days with beautiful stencils and spray etching available. You can also buy so many window films that provide a degree of privacy without too much fuss. If you aren't sure if you would like the look of etching try window film first because it is removable. 

stained glass basement windows solutions
Stained glass provides interest and  privacy. 

basement window solution light  drapes
Light walls and light draperies

Sometimes draperies work with short windows. I personally prefer that they are a similar colour to the wall, but there is a place for darker ones.  Because the sofa is below these windows it helps to break up the long expanse of wall below each window.

window coverings drapes basement

Sometimes you can add something vertical below the space to visually fill in the awkward space.

In my next post I will discuss more complex  basement window options that are sure to wow and  convince visitors that they are not in a basement. And what about your house?  What is your preferred window treatment for basements? 

A beautiful Gothenburg home with a hint of English style

Located in Gothenburg, Sweden, this home belongs to Cattis, the blogger behind Another Side Of This Life, her husband Robert and daughter Stella and has been beautifully captured by Lovely Life. I can spot the Swedish style (it's in Gothenburg after all) but their's a definite English stamp to it too, which is probably why it resonates with me so much. Believe it or not it's actually an apartment rather than a house!

 Another side of this life Photography: Lovely Life

Could you live here?

For more pictures and the complete interview click here. Cattis can also be found on instagram (@annacate).

I love the touches of green (dark green has recently the accent colour in my sitting room thanks to my 1940's scissor lamp), it such a perfect colour for spring, For more green-in-the-home inspiration you might want to check out this very cool Skåne home, this kitchen with a green floor, and this post on adding a touch of green to your home. Green day....

Have a wonderful day!

Rabu, 23 April 2014

A cool black and white Swedish apartment

After all the colours this week it's time for something a little more neutral don't you think?! So it's back to basics today with a black and white one room Gothenburg apartment. Despite the size the owner has created distinct living areas and used one colour sceme through out which makes the space appear larger than it is. I immediately noticed the textured wall (love) and also how well the TV fits into the room. I usually avoid showing TV's as they're not cool, but this one has such a natural fit to the room...

Stadshem via La Maison D'Anna G
I'm also loving the art photography. The poster above the bed is from Moderna Museet but sadly they don't have a web shop. For other art photography try Eye Poetry for cool city scapes and The Print Atelier for prints by a whole host of photographers.

More fab monochrome home inspiration here, here and here. Oh and even children's room's in black and white here and here.

What's your take on black and white? Do you like this apartment?

We're heading back to Sweden this afternoon, thank you London for a wonderful week! I wish I had more time as I didn't even make it around my favourite design shops. HUMPH. Great excuse to come back though.....

Have a lovely day!

Selasa, 22 April 2014

A Danish kitchen in pretty pastels

When it comes to Scandinavian style decorating people tend to go for the all white look, monochrome, dark moody hues, pastels or bold brights. Do you have a penchant for one of these? In my home I tend to veer towards black, white and pastels although I do sometimes wish I liked bold brights! This Danish kitchen in the home of Julie and her daughter spotted on Boligciousblog has ramped up the feminine style with an entirely pastel kitchen. Could you go for a look like this?

Via Boligcious Blog and Design Chaser

The kitchen is from Tvis and available in a tonne of different colours. The owner is clearly a fan of Muuto too (who isn't?!) as I spot the E27 pendant light, nerd chair and bar stool and the mini stacked shelves are similar. I don't recognise the pattern on the wall - is it painted or have they put up wall paper? The Ferm Living Harlequin wallpaper is fairly similar.

For more pastel inspiration (it's easter after all!) check out this romantic Swedish home, a light and airy Dutch house this stunning sitting room in the home of a Danish designer.

Have a lovely day!
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