Jumat, 30 November 2012

Soft pastels and bold brights in Malmö

It's the weekend - woohoo! Before I dash off I wanted to share this apartment which is currently for sale here in Malmö. It's in Rörsjöstaden which is packed with beautiful buildings from the late 19th /early 20th century. What caught my eye the most is the pretty sitting room, I love the colours in the cushions and the mix of art on the wall. Another interesting thing about this home is how it starts off all white and soft pastels and then suddenly, the home office /creative room takes on an entirely different colour scheme altogether........


Any thoughts on why this happened?! I have some theories....:)

Do you have a running colour theme through out your home or do you switch according to the purpose of the room?

Right folks, time to head home. I'm so happy that it's finally OK to let loose all the Christmas decorations!

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Have a fab weekend all!

Kamis, 29 November 2012

A must have vase

I'm in love with the Boblen  vase my new  neighbour gave me. Although we do not know each other well, she could not have chosen a more fitting gift.  I always have some version of fresh greenery or flowers in my home. The more I look at  this little gem the more ideas I get  for using it. 

The Boblen line of vases, designed by famous Norwegian Florist and TV personality Finn Schjoll,


 are expressive mouth blown vases  in clear glass in various sizes


 and colours. 


 Its design was inspired by water drops on a lily after the rain. The extended flat lip makes them especially conducive to wide floral designs....


 or to highlight  a single blossom.


 You can also put several vases of varying sizes together to create drama. 

 or float a flower in water in the bowl .


  or wrap a creeping vine under and around the lip.

 You could also fill the bowl with candy, small glass ornaments, beach glass, berries, small blossoms, pepples etc.  and place a pillar candle on top.  An all around accent for your home that can always be on display.

Art Glass Vista  ships world wide.

The pretty Danish home of Tine K

Gooood morning! I often feel Danish interiors have a  distinct style; simple, clean but with the perfect hint of relaxed bohemian. This is the pretty home of Tine K of Tine K Home in Funen, Denmark which she shares with her husband and three children. Built in 1834, the house was photographed by Jenny of Black Balloon shop and blog.  I love the way Tine has decorated her home with rustic wood furniture against the white, soft grey hues and sharp contrasts of black.

Jenny of Black Balloon
I am postively drooling over the rustic dining table and stools! Could you imagine this home all decked out for Christmas?! Hint hint Tine K! :)

I'm having a luxury morning in a cosy café around the corner from my home with my laptop and a latte machiatto. Now that's what work should be like! What are you up to today?

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Have a lovely Thursday!

Rabu, 28 November 2012

Christmas; Norwegian style

Hello! I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to the first day of advent this weekend! On Saturday my family and I will head out to a special sustainable wood here in Skåne where we'll chop down our own Christmas tree (celebrated with a steaming glass of glögg!). To get into the spirit I thought I'd share some Norwegian Christmas decorating ideas from the home of the extremely talented Nina at Stylizimo blog.

Photographs: Stylizimo

I really love the simplicity of Nina's decorating ideas and am a big fan of white at Christmas. What about you - do you prefer white or cosy red? Or perhaps something bold like neon even?!

Today I have the pleasure of welcoming a new sponsor - The Reclaimed Flooring Company. This fantastic company offers unique flooring that is 'crafted by man, designed by nature'. Honestly, they sell my dream surface; unique wood flooring that tells a story and the passing of time written in each and every grain and knot. And the good news? They ship worldwide - yay!

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Selasa, 27 November 2012

Give-away: Kay Bojesen 16 piece cutlery set

I am so excited to announce today's give-away offering you the chance to win a luxury 16 piece Grand Prix cutlery set from Danish design firm Kay Bojesen worth 325 euros! 

The stainless steel flatware set includes 4 dinner knives, 4 dinner forks, 4 dinner spoons and 4 tea spoons.

Grand Prix cutlery is know as the national cutlery of Denmark and was crafted by the world renown Kay Bojesen who trained as a silversmith in Copenhagen. 

The luxury stainless steel flatware cutlery set follows the Bojesen craft philosophy: perfect form without compromising functionality. As a result, Kay Bojesen won the Grand Prix at the world exhibition in Milan in 1951. And this set could be yours just in time for Christmas!

Picture: Kay Bojesen - featuring the complete Grand Prix set from Kay Bojesen

For your chance to win this Grand Prix 16 piece cutlery set from Kay Bojesen all you need to do is:

1. Visit the Kay Bojesen website.
2. Choose your favourite item from the complete Grand Prix selection here.
3. In the comment section below briefly state which item you like best from the complete Grand Prix cutlery selection and why.

This give-away is open to everyone! Be sure to enter latest Sunday 9th December and please don't forget to leave a way for me to contact you.  The winner will be announced on Monday 10th December through My Scandinavian Home blog, Twitter and Facebook.  

Good luck! Oh and feel free to share with your friends :)

Senin, 26 November 2012

Black, white and grey in Skåne

I promised I'd be back with a home tour, and this is the perfect home to kick off the week! It's the black, white and grey home of blogger, interior stylist and shop owner Daniella Witte here in Southern Sweden. First featured in Sköna Hem at the beginning of the year it has just surfaced again at Husligheter blog and I couldn't help but share it with further with you....

Sköna Hem / Daniella Witte via Husligheter
Daniella is so clever, I absolutely love her home, if I had to pick a room it would be the kitchen. Which room would you choose?

Tomorrow I've got such an exciting give-away coming up, so please stop by if you get the chance, I think you'll like it. :)

My home: advent calendar

December is just days away - soooo excited as it's my favourite month! This year I've actually made my own advent calendar. Now, I'm not really the queen of DIY but it was so much fun being creative. Each envelope will hold a clue to help the girls find the present hidden somewhere in our home (they love hide and seek!) which explains why they're looking so flat! I hope they enjoy it.

My Scandinavian Home

 It was so easy to make as you can probably see from the pics! All I did was take 12 envelopes which I cut in half (we only had big ones at home), a black glitter pen, the black and white washi tape I bought in japan and my good old black board painted wall. The only thing I need to do next is re-arrange the numbers to make it a little tricker for my girls to find the day.

Are you making an advent calendar this year?

PS Back a little later today with a lovely home tour!

PPS Tomorrow I'm holding a BIG give-away on my blog, so exciting! I only wich I could win the Danish design prize myself!

Sabtu, 24 November 2012

10 simple accent trees for Christmas

.  There is definitely a "simpler Christmas" trend in the last several years. Simple is good and clean and when you add green to the mix you have the perfect Christmas accent, a small/miniature tree.  From plain to layered, there are lots of options.

 A little woodland whimsy with wooden beads.

 Grouped with a sign 

 Welcoming visitors, no need for ornaments

 A "tree" constructed from branches of boxwood, but easily done with any type of greenery. I would cut oasis in a cone shape and go from there.  For all I know you can get oasis in a cone shape!

 A  shaped rosemary tree with wood accents.

 Rosemary again with starfish for a beach Christmas.

A lovely tree with pinecones in a recycled wooden box.  Nice candlestick holders too. The black and white accents provide a great backdrop.

Love the bucket and bench  (it's all the texture and gray) but the simple ornaments finish everything off beautifully.  Who would think white card trees could be so elegant?

Did you make these 3 D hearts as a child?  They bring back happy  memories for me. With all the great paper designs available the sky is the limit for this idea.

 And finally a little colour for those who want it.

All links can be found on my Pinterest page.
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