Rabu, 31 Juli 2013

A serene Swedish apartment

When I look at the home of one of Sweden's most renowned glass designers Ingegerd Råman, I think....'and breathe'. It's so clean, and uncluttered it makes me feel instantly calm and relaxed! If only my own home could look like this! The decor has been kept really simple with white, grey, and black hues while the wooden furniture adds warmth. Oh how I could spend a few days here padding around on my own...

Gabriella Dahlman( with kind permission) for Sköna Hem via Riazzoli
What I love most about this apartment is how they have invested in a few key scandinavian design pieces such as the Thonet B9 and Artek K65 (15% discount with code MYSCAN), BestLite BL3 Floor Lamp, Louis Poulsen AJ Floor LampAJ Desk Lamp and the Butterfly Chair. Beautiful!

Could you see yourself padding around here?

Selasa, 30 Juli 2013

A beautiful Malmö apartment

Hej hej! Finally back in Malmö! I thought it would be apt to show a beautiful apartment which was recently sold here in Malmö (Sweden's third largest, and incredibly talented city!). I know relatively little about the space, save for it was recently for sale (some lucky person is a new owner) and that it is impeccably styled!

Bjurfors via La Maison D'Anna G

I love the earthy colours through out and of course some of the design classics such as the Wishbone chairs currently on sale here) and String shelves, a firm favourite. The linen curtains add a romantic, summery feel don't you think? I've got really into linen since buying my white and pale grey bed linen from H&M home, it's perfect for warm summer nights and looks so pretty :)

What do you think, could you live here?

Senin, 29 Juli 2013

Lime green and blue in a Swedish apartment

Hi! How was your weekend?! We had our last weekend in London. On Saturday we spent the day in Holland Park where the girls watched the Alice's Adventures in Wonderland children's opera, it was so fantastic! And today, it's back to Southern Sweden and the last day of our holidays sniff sniff! But all is not lost as this lovely Swedish apartment has brightened up my day with it's lovely mid century furniture, vibrant lime greens and bright blues and it's only 53 metres square, how inspiring!

Hemnet via Do you fancy this

What do you make of the lime green / blue colour combination?

PS For Scandinavian mid century furniture try Lauritz auction house. The lovely wallpaper in the kitchen is by Svenskt Tenn

Kamis, 25 Juli 2013

A Swedish cottage with a beautiful mix

It's Friday! Woohoo! To celebrate here's a truly inspiring cottage in Höganäs here in Skåne. I would love a home like this - it's got the perfect mix of orginal wood beams, whitewashed brick walls, industrial style lamps and furniture and a touch of shabby chic. The white floors on the upper level are the icing on the cake for me!

Hemnet via 79 ideas
What do you think?

If you're ever in Southern Sweden, Höganäs in well worth a stop thanks to it's fantastic design shops - Lily & Oscar and Magasin 36 (which also does the best brunch ever!).

Have a wonderful weekend!

PS If you understand German and fancy a little read about design bloggers and their homes check out this article.....they've included my portrait picture and a few snaps of my home in the gallery too!!

An artfully styled Stockholm pad

Scandinavian estate agents are setting the trend for estate agents around the world with their fab styling. One of my favourites is Fantastic Frank. Browsing through their website is like flipping through a copy of Elle Decoration! This Stockholm pad has been artfully styled for sale. 

Fantastic Frank
I love the plant in the final picture....trying to think where I could do the same in my own house!

What stands out to you?

Rabu, 24 Juli 2013

A fresh work space in white and orange

Many of us spend so much time at work it's vital the environment around us is inspiring, creative and, well, keeps us sane! This collaborative work space in Brooklyn is super fresh in an all white pallet save for the flashes of red and orange in the seating and pictures on the wall.

Julia Robbs via Jelanie blog

I could work here could you?!

PS Anyone work in a collaborative workspace? I think they're a so great, I remember working from home once and by the end of the day I was climbing up the walls!

Selasa, 23 Juli 2013

The Finnish treatment

This fantastic Finnish home was styled by the home owners in collaboration with Scandinavian Deko's editor-in-chief Ulla Koskinen for the Housing Fair Finland, set up to improve the quality of housing and living conditions in Finland. The space is defined by it's large open spaces, minimalist style, clean lines and the perfect balance of black, grey, white, wood and concrete. It is all very zen. I love it.

Skandinavian Deko via Emmas Design Blog
What do you think? Are you the minamlist, clean lines type of interior person or do you prefer to mess things up a little?

PS Slightly off topic, but since I'm in London this week......Congratulations to Kate and Wills on the arrival of a little boy! I wonder what his name will be? My money's on Alfred (Alfie), what about you?!

Senin, 22 Juli 2013

A weekend retreat in Skåne

Hello! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! In Southern Sweden it's becoming increasingly popular/ trendy to  escape city apartments at weekends / in the summer to a 'kollonilott' (an allotment often with a small house). Seeing these pictures, it's a far cry from the small veggie patch allotment my parents had when I grew up (I remember hours of raking, digging and once trod on a slug bare foot....). This allotment site comes with a beautiful cottage owned by Emma Persson Lagerberg and is currently up for sale. 

Emma Persson LagerbergFastighetsbyrån

Coud you see yourself relaxing here?
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