Rabu, 30 Juli 2014

A beautiful German boat house on the baltic

As you may know, I'm a big fan of the ocean. In fact any pool of salty water will do. In the summer I always strive to be on, near (or preferably in) the sea and I love exploring the Swedish islands on both the east or west coast by sail boat. Recently my husband and I have been talking a lot about exploring the German North coast too. And then this home popped into my mail box from the owners. Located in Rugen on the shores of the German Baltic coast, Strandwood House is nestled among boat houses looking out over the harbour. But then there's the inside too - white, grey and minimal allowing the tranquil views over the water do the talking. Forget sailing, I think we'll get the ferry over and rent this space next summer!

Strandwood House

Could you spend a summer holiday here?!

Or perhaps you're lucky enough to live on the Northern German coast yourself? In which case I'd love some tips for next summer! 

For more summer inspiration pour yourself a coffee this lovely sunny morning and scroll through these Scandinavian and international summer cottages. You'll feel like your there! 

Back to my own summer holiday - we're just leaving the beautiful Danish island of Samsoe - what a place?! The island is full of honesty shops where you can leave money for home grown fruit and vegetables, flowers and even bicycle hire. Do you have honesty shops where you live?! We're now heading South to discover other Danish islands.

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday. See you in a couple of days! 

Senin, 28 Juli 2014

How does your garden grow?

Gardens have always beckoned me since I was a girl.  I love the colours, lushness, meandering paths and hidden surprises.  I like looking beyond  or through a  garden to the haphazard backdrops and surprising framings worthy of a painting.  Everyone who views a garden sees it in a slightly different way, just as everyone who reads a poem takes  a slightly different message from it.

Whenever I find a garden  that appeals to me, I always ask permission to photograph it.  Sometimes I keep the photos in my art file, and other times I  share them.  This  well textured garden in King's Cove, Bonavista Bay, NL, lovingly tended by Veronica and Kevin Mahoney was meant to be shared.

 Come along and visit Veronica and Kevin's garden through my eyes.

 Gardens need surprises at every turn. And depending on the vantage points the same spot should have a variety of looks and feels.

 I am definitely attracted to the partially hidden aspects of a garden that you catch by looking through structural elements.  In this case a sparse grove of aspen trees provides interesting framing for the bed beyond.  You can catch a glimpse of a cozy seating area.

 Moving to the left a little brings you to one of my favourite aspects of this garden. A bench nestled in the bank of tree trunks provides a shady spot to sit and look at the plantings beyond.

 A second seating area is hidden beyond a bed of shrubs and perennials.  The lamppost provides a strong vertical focus where almost everything else is the same height. Variety in heights is important for an interesting space.   While the garden has a well tended look it also  meanders  from the cultivated edges to wilder land behind it. This transition really works and makes the garden appear much larger than it actually is. 

 And here's the seating area you can just barely glimpse in the photo above.  I like the fact that the colour of this seating doesn't fight with the red bench beyond it.

Moving behind another bed and looking the opposite way reveals two more interesting features: a bird bath and an anchor.  At least our  truck blends into this shot.  I didn't have the heart to ask hubby to move it a second time. He's sitting in his favourite spot waiting patiently for me to finish shooting.

And how is this for a vantage point?  Even the church on the next property is a part of the garden!

Looking toward the house from the bench. Yes,  I love  that bench!

 An interesting plant hanger built by Kevin.  There's a second one by the step.

Because the house is on a high hill you have a great veiw of King's Cove harbour and several of the houses surrounding it.

I am such a sucker for looking up when I take shots.  This is a big reward.


 When you look up you are greeted by a stunningly refurbished house. The two patios provide interesting views of the garden.

Another bed of perennials creeps up the hill toward the back of the house to a third sitting area just outside the back door. Aren't the variety of stone walls interesting? Here's a closer look.....

 Following a stone path beyond will bring you to the fourth seating area at the top of a hill behind the house.  This provides a totally different feel and view of the whole area.


 You can look right out the bay as far as the eye can see.  The houses beside the property actually become part of the composition of the garden.  How great is it to have a yellow  building with  red trim next to your property!  It is such a strong focal point and  it adds additional colour when the blooms disappear. .

While heading down the path again, I was treated to a close up view of  numerous butterflies sailing around a false spirea. 

Thank you Veronica and Kevin for allowing us to visit your garden.  

5 garden planning tips  from this garden visit:
  1. Consider  what lies beyond your garden and use it to advantage.  It might not be yours, but it can be part of your composition. 
  2. Use meandering paths to connect different parts of your space, and use the same treatment for all of them: crushed stone, brick, slate etc. This continuity adds cohesiveness to the composition.
  3. Always keep parts of your garden hidden from view and lead the visitor to them by using meandering paths and plantings. 
  4. Have several seating areas to provide choice during different parts to the day or  to provide different viewing vantage points. 
  5. Have a strong mix of flowering shrubs and perennials if you want to be a carefree gardener. 

A happy Swedish home with bright colours and bold prints

Although not everyone is up for adding bright colour and bold prints to our homes there's no denying that it can add a really playful element to a home. Take this Malmö apartment as an example. The owners have used a white base (floors, walls and ceilings) and added fabulous Svenskt Tenn wallpaper, Ferm Living rugs and brightly coloured furniture and throws to create a lovely, happy family home.

Bjurfors via Nicety blog
Is this your kind of style, or more a space you prefer to admire from a far?

I'm getting bolder and bolder and slowly introducing more colour to my home (although friends may beg  to differ!). Do you have a lot of colours and bold prints in your home or prefer to stick to a monochrome mix?

My family and I are currently touring islands off the coast of Denmark for the second half of our summer holiday and just arrived at Samso. I'm looking forward to heading off on our bicycles to explore now......(tips welcome!)

Have a lovely day, I hope the sun is shining where you are too!

Kamis, 24 Juli 2014

A tranquil holiday home in Corsica

If like me, your idea of the perfect summer holiday is to head to a retreat with your family and get away from it all you'll love this holiday home set in the rocks of Corsica. Designed and built by Carol, Director of Communication at Zadig et Voltaire and Fred, her photographer husband and enjoyed by their children, the tranquil summer house is built over three storeys, each enjoying sea views. The family love to visit from California and spend their summer's relaxing in the tranquil garden by the pool and circumnavigating the island by boat. And who wouldn't? It's simply stunning!

Photography: Karel Balas. Stylist: Isis-Columbe Combréas. MILK Décoration with kind permission

The pool looks divine, doesn't it?!

Last week I stayed at Le Chateau De Saint-Privat-Des-Pres in France for my sister's wedding. It was so beautiful I didn't want to leave. The most interesting thing about the Chateau was that it had an 'eco lake' instead of a traditional swimming pool. It was my first encounter with an eco pool (or 'natural swimming pool') and I was slightly sceptical at first......however, after a few days swimming in the relatively clear, cool waters I became quite accustomed to the odd frog leaping in beside me and pond skates sharing the water. As a result if I were to ever have a home with a pool (hey, it's Friday, a girl's allowed to dream), I would definitely choose an eco pool. Have you ever encountered one?

Other island retreats I love include this one on Mykonos and for stunning garden oasis with a pool, I have always taken inspiration from this space in Montreal

Have a wonderful weekend and see you Monday!

PS Since I am still on holiday, I will continue to post every other day for the next two weeks, thank you for your patience! 

Rabu, 23 Juli 2014

A contemporary home with a mid-century touch

 If you've seen the pictures of my sitting room (here and here) you'll know I am a big fan of mid century furniture. This is why the home of Natalie Myers caught my eye for today's post. It was designed by Veneer Designs, a full service interior design studio which brings a modern organic mid-century inspired perspective to contemporary spaces.  I certainly see that here with the beautiful mid-century furniture complimented by kilim rugs and cool art photography. What a great space don't you think?!

Veneer Designs via Plastolux with thanks
I especially love the pale pink Kilim rug in the sitting room - how beautiful is that?! Perhaps something for my sitting room? I also like the Hudson Bay Point blanket on the single bed  - although I'm a little too primary colour shy to have it in my own home, how about you?

I've shown so many mid-century inspired home tours here before, in case you missed them here are a few of my favourites: a unique German space, the stunning home of Natalie Schwer and this monochrome space with a mid-century touch. Oh so cool.

Have a lovely day and see you Friday! 

Senin, 21 Juli 2014

Beautiful rustic interior inspiration from Claudio

Hello Monday! Sorry for my radio silence since Wednesday. I'm back on wifi, yay! I thought I'd start the week by sharing some oh so stunning interior inspiration from the portfolio of photographer Claudio Tajoli. Based in Milan, Italy Claudio has not only seen some stunning spaces, but captures them with unique angles and beautiful light, preferring to keep his work as natural as possible. As a result he really captures the feeling of a space. Here are a few of my favourite images.

Claudio Tajoli with kind permission. Inspired by Eclectic Trends

Just so beautiful, don't you think? 

You can see more of Claudio Tajoli's interior portfolio here

For more rustic inspiration you might want to check out this beautiful rustic home in Skåne (one of my all time favourite home tours!). 

I think I'm feeling particularly inspired by rustic charm just now as my family and I are in the Dordogne in France for our summer holiday and my sister's wedding and we've been staying in the most beautiful rustic chateau. 

Now it's time to start the long drive home to Sweden -sniff sniff! 

Have a wonderful couple of days and see you Wednesday 
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