Kamis, 28 Februari 2013

Angles from a former culture centre

There are two key things I'm drawing inspiration from in this lovely 18th century former culture centre in Stockholm. First, the way the books are piled high and used to add colour in the sitting room. And secondly the rustic workman's bench at the end of the bed. Of course the rest of the space is pretty nice too :)

With kind permission from Johan Sellén, featured in Elle Interiör via DecorDots.
I've actually just ordered two workmen's stools from this fab online vintage shop and patiently (read: anxiously awaiting) their arrival, I can't wait! Perhaps the next item on my list will be a workmen's bench for the end of the bed.

Any ideas you're looking to steal?

Have a lovely day!

Rabu, 27 Februari 2013

Rustic / industrial Danish restaurant Höst

It's my husband's birthday next week so I've been doing some planning. Since he loves eating out, at least part of his present should be visiting a new restaurant. And with Copenhagen just over the Öresund bridge how could the the rustic / industrial Scandinavian restaurant Höst not be top of the list?! If you love interior blogs you'll have seen images of this before. But honestly? Höst was completed last year after a collaboration with the fab Norm Architects team (remember this monochrome home last week?!) and Danish designers Menu for Cofoco. And word on the street is that the food is equally sublime.

Norm Architects / Menu / Höst Styling: Emma Fexeus.

Table for two please. And it's more for him........honest :)

PS I hope he doesn't read today's post!

Selasa, 26 Februari 2013

Little ray of sunshine in Gothenburg

There are some apartments which feel like a little ray of sunshine. And this one in Gothenburg (currently for sale) is one of them. It looks so warm. I can just imagine sitting at the rustic kitchen table, in the leather armchair in the sitting room or cosying up in that bed. And don't get me started on the white floors and exposed brickwork.



Oh and, once again I spy a moodboard over the bed....current trend alert?

Senin, 25 Februari 2013

A vintage inspired Brussels home

Hello! I'm back! Thank you so much to Dagny and Marianne for covering me while I was away. I have to say I'm feeling more than a little sorry for myself as I'm STILL ill. I'm sitting here tapping away in my (very cosy) white company slippers and chunky knit cardigan and a big cup of tea (I do love to take these things seriously). And as ever I'm cheered up by a beautiful home! This particular space with all it's vintage and mid century furniture belongs to a talented family in Brussels and was photographed by Louise Desrosiers for milk magazine.

With kind permission from photographer Louise Desrosiers. Milk magazine via Mokkasin.

 The floor has to be the clear winner here. You can just envision someone totally uncool walking in and saying 'OK, the first thing we need is a new floor here' but not this cool Brussels family, they've completely embraced it and it looks fantastic! there's always the reclaimed flooring company for the rest of us!

There are a few more lovely pictures of this home over at Milk magazine, and a full article if you speak French (or if you're like me with errr French hardly a strong point there's always google translate).

Right. Time to get back under my duvet. Have a lovely Monday!

Sabtu, 23 Februari 2013

Kissing objects and other design issues

This is the first post of a series I have planned to focus on arranging objects in a pleasing way in your home.

 The same principles of design that are the backbone of a good painting can be applied to designing a room or a vignette.  People often know when something doesn't look right , but they might not be able to articulate why they have that feeling. I thought I would focus on some of the finer points that can move a space from fine to fantastic.

Do you have....

Kissing objects
 That's the best way to describe objects that touch each other or look like they are touching  thus causing an odd tension/confusion.  Is it one object? Two objects? Why are they side by side? etc.

These two nesting dolls tell the story.  Do you want to move them apart? Another thing that happens when object touch or are too close together is the creation of boring negative space especially when the objects have the same form. You can see that the shape between the two dolls in almost symmetrical.

 When the objects are overlapped slightly you create more visual interest and depth.  If you can add a third object for variety, so much the better. Note the spacing in the middle.


 I would be the first person to admit that there are beautiful objects in this collection, but I want to appreciate them individually. 

 If you have a huge quantity of objects in a collection you might be better served by choosing a more thougtht out way of displaying them rather than massing them together randomly.  This collection reads as quantity and the beautiful forms are lost in the "gathering". 

 Exception to the rule
Then there is the exception to the rule. I don't think having the two pots touching in this vignette is at all boring because of the variety in direction and shape created by the small trees.  The enclosed space between the pots is interesting because of the legs.  There is so much else going on that this just works well.


 Furniture can kiss too!  When you have a curved/slanted arm on a sofa or chair move your end table out so it is not touching the sofa. It frees up space and creates visual ease. If the arm of sofa is curved you often have to move a table out even further.

Jumat, 22 Februari 2013

Guest post: Soothing Gothenburg apartment

Hello everyone! I am Dagný Björg from the Feel Inspired blog where I share with my readers what keeps me inspired. I can't believe February is almost through - I feel like the time has literally flown away in this new year. I am starting to look forward to the warm Icelandic summer and have already noted down what I'd like to do and go this year. Have you started any summer planning yet? But, enough of summer talk - care to join me in a home tour? It's a small apartment in lovely Goteburg where everything seems to have it's place. I also really like the soothing color scheme of gray, brown, little bit of mustard yellow and wood which makes this home really warm and welcoming. 

 Hope you enjoy this home tour. Have a lovely day and hope to see you on my Feel Inspired blog!

Dagný Björg

Kamis, 21 Februari 2013

Guest post: Denmark's most wonderful home

Hello everyone. I am Marianne from Nordic Bliss a Scandinavian girl living in the UK who loves Scandinavian style and is helping the Brits getting their hands on it as well through my little webshop.

What an honour to be guest bloging here on Niki's wonderful blog. I've been following it from the start and has always been inspired here. so when Niki asked me to do a guest post for her I told myself I had to find something wonderful. A few days ago I came across these photos on Femina's website and thought they would be perfect. This home has been awarded "Most wonderful home in Denmark" by DR (DR stands for Denmark's Radio, equivalent to NRK in Norway, SVT in Sweden and BBC in the UK etc.)

I loved the black exterior and patio with all the greenery. It is such an interesting contrast to the bright white interiors.

1. Set of 2 zinc boxes + + + 2. Glass bowl + + + 3. Trivet + + + 4. Tray table

I love how they mixed up the traditional country charm open shelves and white wood panelling on the wall with some stainless steel and metal accessories in the kitchen.

1. "Be Gentle" print by Ylva Skarp + + + 2. Pillow + + + 3. Glass vase + + + 4. Grey cotton throw

This cosy corner in front of the window makes me long for a Easter holiday. When I was younger and lived in Denmark we would always spend Easter on the coast. Lazy days going for long walks on the beach and enjoying nature and a few rays of sunshine.

So what did you think? Is this home one of the most wonderful Danish homes you've seen? Would you like to live here? I hope you are all surviving the winter and I wish you a lovely week.

Marianne xx

Source Femina
Photographer Mikkel Adsbøl

Rabu, 20 Februari 2013

White and grey Stockholm apartment

I'm feeling a little worse for wear today with a temperature and everything :(  I was certainly cheered up by this Stockholm home though. Currently for sale through Fantastic Frank,  there are so many things to love about this small, yet charming grey and white apartment.

Fantastic Frank

I love the personalised soap bottle. I think I'll have to make a label saying 'Niki's shampoo' as the rest of my family seem to think my expensive hair care is shower gel, bubble bath or simply something to wash their dolly with!!

Anything that inspires you from this home?

I'm off for a short trip tomorrow. But  of course I'd never leave you high and dry! I've invited two of my favourite fellow bloggers to write very lovely and inspiring guest posts.

Have a lovely few days and see you Monday!
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