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Antlers: Trend or timeless?

Looking at a variety of  recent design sources supports the view that antlers are a huge style statement.    While always part of rustic country design, antlers and antler motifs seem to have crossed all design boundaries to the point where you see them everywhere. 

antlers modern lighting fixture
Spectacular lighting from Yellow Goat Custom Lighting
Right now I have reached the saturation point, and whenever I see antlers my reaction is usually utter boredom. Hopefully I will recover  because I love their sculptural  form and representation of  the passage of time and natural cycles.  I draw the line at their trophy history- no mounted heads for me.

antlers in the sun
 Moose antlers aging in the sun

Several years ago my friend found a lovely pair of moose antlers in the woods near my summer house and dragged them home for me. They are still weathering to a lovely grayish white. While I was excited initially with this gift, I am reticent to jump on the antler bandwagon.  If I wait long enough the trend will pass, like all trends, and antlers will be new again. 

I guess you could say I am very fussy about how they are used in decor.  I think the trick is to mix them with other objects  in simple vignettes  with a natural focus where their sculptural qualities can shine and direct the collected composition. In this  understated way they will always be timeless. So here are my four ways to use antlers for a fresh look.

 As a sculptural element

white antlers  white table vignette
White on white accentuates antlers sculptural quality

These antlers are the perfect shape to use with the other elements in this vignette. They mimic  the branches and provide an interesting backdrop for the cylindrical shapes. 

antlers fireplace vignette
Simple arrangements  allow the form to show
What could be more interesting than branching shapes against a dark base?  Less is always more. 


As a design anchor

antlers candles vignette
Antlers and candles in a vignette

There's no doubt that the branching quality of antlers makes them a perfect form to arrange objects along an interesting line.There are all sort of images online with candles interspersed among antlers. You could also use small groupings of wildflowers instead of candles.

As a pivot point

Adding interesting lines in a vignette

Who knew that antlers can actually add a note of elegance when combined with equally elegant objects?  They are great for moving your eye around in different directions encouraging you to take in all elements of a vignette.

As functional objects 

antlers white candleholders
Antler candleholders

These are truly exquisite and would look good anywhere.

Add to planters

Antlers would make a great natural additions to a planter when you have vines or other plants that will grow along a shape.

What's  your take on antlers?  Do you have any in your decor?

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